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The itineraries offered here are the most basic and popular ones for Beijing Tours, Beijing to Xi'an Tours, Beijing to Shanghai Tours, Beijing to Guilin Tours, Beijing to Yangtze River Cruise. They are especially good for people who are travelling to China for the first time. If these tours do not meet your requirements, please explore some of the other tour options listed on the left side and at the top of this page. You are also welcome to use the forms at the left corner and right corner to design your own tour of Beijing or China.

China High Speed Railway Travel, China Bullet Train Tours, Beijing Tour

The trains on China's High-speed Railways
travel at an average speed of 200 km/h or
more. The Beijing-Shanghai High-speed
Railway has an average speed of 350 km/h.
China has the world's longest high-speed
railway network, and the world's first
high-speed commercial magnetic levitation
(maglev) line, which provides service to
Shanghai's Pudong airport. It is very
convenient and comfortable to travel around
China by high speed rail.

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Customized China Tour
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