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 Tianjin City Tour from Xingang Cruise Ship Port

Your English-speaking Beijing guide will greet you at the Tianjin (Xingang) Port, and escort you to where your private car and driver are waiting.
It takes about 20 minutes to get to the Tianjin city.
Visit Jiefang(Liberation) Bridge, it was first built in 1927 on the Haihe River, but disused from 1973, it was repaired and restarted to use 25 years later, this double-leaf bascule bridge has 96.7-meter long, it could be drawn apart in the middle in three minutes, together with the Century Bell in the front of Tianjin Train Station, they composed a sublime sight of Tianjin.  The Century Bell standing 40 meters high, weighing about 170 tons, and 8 meters in diameter, it is the largest and heaviest of bell in China, and it is deemed as the landmark of Tianjin.
Then to visit Tianhou Palace (Heaven Queen Palace or Mazu Palace ), a famous Taoist temple at the Ancient Culture Street in Tianjin City, the original Tianhou Palace was constructed in 1326 during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) to pray Goddess Tianhou (the queen of heaven) for navigation safety. It was repaired many times subsequently, and became one of the three major Tianhou palaces in China, the main buildings of Tianjin Tianhou Palace includes the Opera Tower, the Temple Gate, the Memorial Archway, the Front Hall, the Main Hall, Canon-Storing Pavilion, the Qisheng Temple, the Bell-Drum Tower, the Side Hall and the Zhangxian Pavilion. Various rituals with Chinese characteristics are often held here to worship and thank the Goddess.
Ancient Culture Street has 600-metre long, lined with Qing-dynasty architectural style buildings, make you feel like walking in the ancient China, expecially when you find many curios are sold in the shops, or traditional local handicrafts like the Sculptor of Clay Figurines Zhang.
We will have lunch at famous food street - Tianjin Diet Culture Street. The most famous Tianjin food is Goubuli Steamed Stuffed Bun (Goubuli Baozi), the interesting story about its name has gone away, but its succulent filling can always stir up your good appetite.  Other must taste snacks are
Ear-Hole Fried Cake (Erduoyan Zhagao) - a kind of pastry made from sticky rice, with red bean paste as its filling. 
Fried Dough Twist (Ma hua) - made from wheat flour, and deep fried in much oil. 
Chatang - travellers always enjoy in watching how Chatang was made, the shops have big copper pot whose spout is usually fashioned into a dragon's head, in which the water is boiled, then the skilled Chatang maker holds several bowls in one hand with baked millet and glutinous millet flour in each bowl, and pours the boiling water into the bowls from a distance.
Guobacai - millet or mung bean flour pancakes, cooked in the sauce made from sesame oil, chopped ginger, soy sauce, preserved beancurd and green onion, and usually served along with fried dough and sesame cakes.
Tangdui - the Tianjin name of 'Bingtanghulu', the sugar-coated haws on a thin bamboo stick.
After tasting much yummy snacks at foot street, we go ahead to visit Wudadao, it is former concession area, and now the Wudadao Outlandish Tourist Area. Wudadao means five main roads at this area, which are Machang Road, Munan Road, Dali Road, Changde Road and Chongqing Road. Nearly 2000 western buildings with various styles have been completely preserved here, so Wudadao area got a reputation of 'world building exposition'. Among them, 200 were celebrities former residences, which made this area is an important historical and cultural heritage of Tianjin.  Motor vehicles are forbidden within the tourist area, instead of motor vehicles, the unique vehicles here are horse-drawn carts and bicycles.

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