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Beijing Xiushui Silk Market
Author: Beijing Tour Advisor
Location: East Chang An Avenue Hours: 09:00-21:00 Primary Merchandise: Silk
Xiu Shui Market which is also known as a Silk Street in Beijing has more than 50 years history, it was set up in 1958 outside the Jianguo Gate in 1958, both clothes and daily necessities were sold there. Then the administrative rights were handed over to the economic management center of the Jianwai community in 2000, Xiushui Market was an outdoor market, and became very famous because of its fake and inexpensive products, all world famous brand clothes, belts and shoes could be found here.
A narrow lane was shaped bewteen two lines of shopping standings, many young faddish people were attracted, it was very crowded and chaotic.
In 2004, the old market had been demolished, and the reconstruction was started soon afterwards. The new shopping building has an area of 30,000 square meters, with 1,600 booths inside, targeting the shopping groups including foreign tourists and local white-collar workers.  There are three floors underground and seven overground, the basement level 3 is car parking, the basement level 2 are for the management offices, the basement level 1 has commodities including shoes, bags, hats and DVD shops, the first floor has informationa desk (workers here can speak English), cafe, also selling garments, more clothes sell on the second floor, as well as children's wear, toys, besides, bank, currency exchange service and water bar are also available.  Some famous China Traditional Stores are located on the third floor, they are Ruifuxiang Silk Fabric Store, Qianxiangyi Silk Fabric Store, Neiliansheng Shoes Store, Shengxifu Hat Store and Hongdu Clothing Shop.  On the third floor, you can also tailor-make clothes, learn more information about silk at Silk Culture Musuem, buy some bedding, ties, or enjoy a foot massage.  On the fourth floor, there are jewelry, jade, arts and crafts, folk handicrafts, silk carpets, watches, etc. The fifth floor is International Jewelry Exchange Center.  The sixth floor is for catering, including famous Quanjude Peking Roast Duck Resturant.  The seventh floor is for training the staff.
Xiushui Market is close to the embassy area.  Many foreign shoppers visit Xiushui Market every day, more and more shoppers know how to bargain with the vendors, all vendors in the market can speak simply English, sometimes they just type prices on calculators.
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Beijing Xiushui Silk Market Beijing Xiushui Silk Market