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Beijing Jade Factory
Author: Beijing Tour Advisor
Location: On the way to the Badaling Great Wall Hours: 09:00-17:00 Primary Merchandise: Jade Products
The carved jade objects found in the Neolithic period graves in China are the earliest indication of jade history. During the Shang Dynasty (1600 B.C. to 1050 B.C), jade was used for personal adornment by kings, which means royal and power. In Zhou and Han dynasties, jade was used in burial rituals because it is immortal, usually carved in the shape of a cicada or a hollow cylinder, to put in the mouth of the dead, which believed to delay the decomposition of the body.
A record from a 200 A.D Chinese dictionary defines jade as the fairest stone, and endowed with five virtues, which are charity, rectitude, wisdom, courage and equity. Then it became more popular as material and adornment for both imperial court and imperial mausoleums, even the emperors' seals for afterwards dynasties all made of jade.
Jade deposits widely in China, the most famous ones are Hetian Jade from Xinjiang, Lantian Jade from Shaanxi, Serpentine Jade from Xiuyan County in Liaoning Province, Dushan Jade from Nanyang County in Henan Province, Qilian Jade from Jiuquan in Gansu Province.
Different jade has different colors, the most common ones like white, emerald-green, pink, lavender, orange, brown and black jade. But jade sculptors also say jadeite (hard jade) and nephrite (soft jade), skilled artisans consider jade is more valuable than gold, because jade stands for beauty, grace, elegance and purity.
Many people like to wear jade bracelets and necklace with a jade pendant, and believe jade could improve blood circulation and calm the mind, as well as bring longevity and good luck.
In Chinese language, different shapes of jade craftworks indicate different meaning, for instance, long cabbage means fortune, peach means longevity, fish means affluence, bottle means safety, fan means benevolence, and so on.
Jade factories located in Changping County in Beijing are well known by travellers, some travellers like to stop at a jade factory for visiting en route to Badaling Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall, or Ming Tombs.

Beijing Jade Factory