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 Beijing City Tour of Lugou Bridge, Wanping Castle, Chinese Tea Show

Pick you up at the hotel at 8:30am by private car and English-speaking tour guide.
Drive for about 1 hour to the Lugou Bridge, which is located in the southwest of Beijing across the Yongding River-flows through five provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, spans 170 km within Beijing and runs through five districts in the west and south of the city. The Venetian traveler Marco Polo highly praised the bridge as "Over this river there is a very fine stone bridge, so fine indeed, that it has very few equals in the world" during his visit to China in the 13th century, so the Lugou Bridge is also known as the Marco Polo Bridge in Europe. The Lugou Bridge is 266.5 m in length and 9.3 m in width, 627 intriguing stone lions line both sides of the bridge, the posture of each lion is varied, being famed for its aesthetic features, Lugou Bridge is considered to be an architectural masterpiece.
Situated at the eastern end of the Lugou Bridge is the Wanping Castle, a historic 17th century fortress, it was erected to defend Beijing against the peasant uprising. The Wanping Town is a half-square shaped "walled city" with two gates, the east gate was originaly named Ever Prosperous Gate, then renamed to Majestic Gate, and the west gate is Favorably Govern Gate, the Memorial Hall of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (or the Memorial Hall of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War) in Wanping City is a large war museum with the theme of "keeping history in mind and loving peace while ushering in future," for an exhibition on the war and world people's victory over fascism.
In the afternoon, we will stop at a tea house to enjoy the Chinese Tea Show. China is the hometown of tea, the history could go back to Shennong period in 2737 BCE, and tea drinking was widespread in the Tang Dynasty according to the writer Lu Yu's (729-804) Cha Jing (Tea Classics). In general, there are five kinds of tea classified according to different technique involved in the making of tea: Green tea (Longjin is a representative), Wulong, Scented tea (like Jasmine tea), Black tea and Compressed tea (Pu-erh tea is a representative). Chinese tea house is elegant with Chinese traditional furniture, the most popular tea sets are high quality ceramic whiteware, young tea girls perform the extraordinary Chinese tea show and explain the process in English at the same time, then you get chance to taste all kinds of Chinese tea. 
Transfer back to the hotel around 4:00pm after whole day tour.

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